Business Owner & Executive Director



Michael is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of Drex Corporation. Michael‘s career spans over 25 years which he started as a highly skilled operator and mechanic with experience in heavy machinery and foundation equipment. Michael worked on numerous international projects before he decided to establish his own business. In 2005, he founded Nua LLC in New York, starting as a subcontractor providing foundation and excavation services. Overtime, he grew the business to a larger SOE contracting company specializing in drilling and excavation. Nua’s projects included high-rise buildings, hotels, shopping centers, condominiums and other commercial sites across New York’s five boroughs and Westchester County. With a proven track record in the Construction Sector, Michael managed to gain a strong reputation with clients. His aspiration to expand and grow the company’s service offerings led him to co-found Drex Corp with his business partner, Marcus Hannick.

Michael is renowned for his mechanical knowledge and his ability in designing drilling applications and bespoke solutions to facilitate the drilling and piling processes. He has developed a drilling alignment system, designed drilling rigs and has worked directly with factories to customize the equipment in order to maximize efficiencies. His knowledge, experience, and creativity with bespoke solutions are a strong asset to the company. 

Michael’s diligence and passion are evident across the business where he also plays a central role in developing specialized staff, operations and scaling the business. His skills are complimentary to those of co-founder and partner Marcus Hannick, and together they are making Drex Corp a household name for companies looking for specialized SOE services